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Corona Beans

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  • Corona beans are rich in pulp
  • Perfect as side dishes
  • Prepare tasty salads
  • Rich in fiber and protein
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Corona Beans

White beans, and in particular Corona beans, have numerous minerals inside. Among these, the most important is molise, important for the body as it helps to get rid of sulphites. 

White beans are also considered great supplements, as they can relieve symptoms of headaches, increased heartbeats or feelings of weakness and disorientation.

Being starch-blockers thanks to the glycoprotein phase olamine extracted from white beans, they are found in food supplements sold for slimming diets.

Corona beans are legumes with convex and flattened seeds, of large size and with an intense white color. They have a characteristic creamy texture and a delicate flavor. Very similar to white spanish beans are characterized by the larger size of the seeds.

Properties and Benefits

ENERGY INTAKE. They have a variable caloric intake depending on the state of conservation. The total calories of these beans are lower than refined grains and more similar to those of other fiber-rich starchy seeds. The energy content is provided mainly by carbohydrates, followed by proteins and a small amount of lipids;

MACRONUTRIENTS. Carbohydrates are complex (starch), peptides have medium biological value and unsaturated lipids. These proteins are rich in lysine and low in sulfur amino acids. Fiber is abundant and cholesterol is absent.

MICRONUTRIENTS. In these beans there are many mineral salts, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, zinc and selenium. With regard to vitamins, on the other hand, there are those of group B such as thiamine B1, niacin PP, pantothenic acid B5 and pyridoxine B6. There is also a fair concentration of lecithins, phytosterols and other polyphenolic antioxidants.

White beans are gluten, lactose and histamine free, but their proteins may be responsible for specific allergy.

Polenta and beans

In this recipe we want to propose one of the most traditional and genuine preparations: polenta. How many stories waiting for the magic to happen from the union between corn flour and water: stirring continuously in the copper pot with the classic wooden stick expected that soft and versatile dish with a golden color. After polenta concia and polenta with sausage and cheese, today we invite you to prepare polenta and beans, a perfect comfort food to share on the coldest winter days. There are many versions of this recipe, with or without bacon or pork rinds, or the famous "Calzagatti" from Modena, which also provided for frying or heating the portions on the grill after cooking. Also enjoyed simple, warm and tasty, this polenta with creamy borlotti beans is the perfect synthesis of the flavors of the past, able to conquer the palates with their frankness! How to briefly describe this dish? Historical but current... absolutely irresistible!

For the complete recipe visit the website!

Nutrition Facts

WARNINGS: The advice dispensed is in no way to be considered of medical / prescriptive value . The information provided is for purely informative and informative purposes, therefore it is not intended in any way to replace medical advice. In the presence of pathologies it is always necessary to consult your doctor.

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White Beans Corona




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