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Oats Decorticata

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Oats can be enjoyed both in the form of flakes and naturally. 

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  •    hulled oats

INGREDIENTS: Hulled oats  

Oats (Avena sativa) is a grain rich in beneficial properties. Oats can be enjoyed both in the form of flakes and naturally. Let's find out more about the properties and benefits of this cereal.

  • Gives you a sense of satiety

This is due to its high content of complex carbohydrates, also known as slowly absorbed carbohydrates. This means that their satiating effect is much longer so, in addition to helping to reduce appetite, it is useful for controlling blood sugar levels (it is in fact one of the most recommended foods for diabetics).

  • Prevents and relieves intestinal constipation

This is mainly due to its high content of soluble fiber, so it is a cereal and suitable (and especially very recommended) in people with constipation, since it facilitates intestinal transit, also improving it.

  • Keeps cholesterol at bay

Due to its content of essential amino acids (especially methionine) it is a useful cereal for people with high cholesterol levels as it helps reduce LDL cholesterol. The content of fiber and omega-6 unsaturated fats also helps to reduce this type of cholesterol and increase the good one (HDL) instead.

  • Renew fabrics

Due to its protein content, oats help and encourage the development of the production of new tissues in our body.

  • Keeps the cardiovascular system healthy

To be rich in fiber helps to reduce cholesterol accurately, resulting in benefits for both the heart and arteries. Fiber ensures the proper functioning of our intestines and in addition helps digestion.

In addition, oats contain particular nitrogenous phenolic compounds, which are called avenanthramides. These are powerful anti-inflammatories that can protect us from tumors and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

Nutrition Facts

389 kcal
7 g
66 g
17 g

WARNINGS: The advice dispensed is in no way to be considered of medical / prescriptive value . The information provided is for purely informative and informative purposes, therefore it is not intended in any way to replace medical advice. In the presence of pathologies it is always necessary to consult your doctor.

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