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Ribe Parboiled Rice

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Parboiled rice is a variety used in many recipes, it keeps cooking a lot and is indicated for rice salads or similar recipes

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Parboiled Ribe Rice


Also known as "converted rice, Parboiled rice is made from the edible seeds of the Oryza sativa cereal. It is a processing method that can be applied to different types of rice. To obtain Parboiled rice, in fact, the seeds, when they are still wrapped in their fibrous coating (the husk), are subjected to a partial boiling (steam). 

This process consists of three essential steps:

  • Soaking in hot water;
  • Steaming at high temperature and under pressure;
  • Drying (drying).

In this way, Parboiled rice is easily processable, more preservable and richer from a nutritional point of view. 

Tying us to the concept of "nutrition", Parboiled seems to have the ability to partially convey nutritional molecules from bran to endosperm (especially vitamin B1 or thiamine), making its nutritional spectrum much more similar to the brown rice (of course, with less fiber). In addition, due to the greater consistency of its surface, a grain of parboiled rice releases fewer nutrients into the cooking water. In addition, this rice has a rather high energy intake. The calories are mainly provided by carbohydrates, followed by  proteins and finally (negligible) lipids. Carbohydrates tend to be complex, peptides are of medium biological value and the few fatty acids  are mainly unsaturated .

The cholesterol is absent and the fibers are absolutely not too abundant. We can also say that the parboiled rice uses a good content of iron and phosphorus, but there are discrete concentrations of microelements.

Nutrition Facts

337 kcal
1.03 g (of which saturated 0.29 g)
150.0 mg
80.89 g
7.51 g
60.0 mg

WARNINGS: The advice dispensed is in no way to be considered of medical / prescriptive value . The information provided is for purely informative and informative purposes, therefore it is not intended in any way to replace medical advice. In the presence of pathologies it is always necessary to consult your doctor.

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