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Ceylon Cinnamon - Powder

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Ceylon cinnamon is a valuable spice with numerous beneficial properties. It is widely used in cooking as well as in the preparation of products against colds, nervous hunger and menstrual pain.

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Ceylon cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice derived from the dried bark of certain trees belonging to the Lauraceae family and is native to Ceylon, present-day Sri Lanka.

Considered an aphrodisiac spice, it is well known, not only in the culinary sphere but also as a natural remedy against flu, colds and intestinal viruses.

Used as early as the ancient Egyptians and mentioned by ancient Greeks and Romans, cinnamon is a spice with a pronounced, enveloping flavor that is both sweet and spicy.

Named the "Spice of Kings," Cinnamon with its ancient origins is still the star of our days.

Indeed, in the past it represented the symbol of power of noble and aristocratic classes; even, during banquets, the amount of cinnamon used was proportional to the importance of the guests. Used as a gift for kings and queens, cinnamon was also the basis of the commercial power of Venice, a crossroads and meeting place between European and Eastern economies.

Tasty and healthy, cinnamon comes in both powder and sticks. This spice is rich in active ingredients that can reduce triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol, and it is also a good source of minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium.

Let's find out more about the main benefits of this fragrant spice.

Cannella Ceylon.jpg

Properties and Benefits

- It helps fight flu symptoms (colds-gut pain-fever-sore throat):

In fact, a couple of grams of this portentous spice in addition to an infusion or tea, also accompanied by fresh ginger, will be enough to reduce fever and cough.

- Cinnamon enjoys many antioxidant properties, this allows you to reduce the damage of aging and protects you from the activity of free radicals.

- Good source of minerals (iron, manganese, calcium) and vitamins (A,C,K, B vitamins)

In fact, the components of cinnamon include vitamin B1, vitamin C, as well as iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

- Improves memory.

The aroma and flavor of cinnamon act as a cognitive stimulant, improving memory.

- Promotes digestion and helps eliminate intestinal gas.

Some components of cinnamon, such as iron and dietary fiber, promote the proper functioning of the digestive system. Bile salts adhere to these components and are, thus, easily excreted from the body.

- It gives a sense of satiety and helps burn fat.

Cinnamon helps with weight loss because it possesses thermogenic properties, that is, capable of increasing body heat and burning more fat, giving a boost to our metabolism.

Cinnamon in cooking

With its unmistakable flavor, cinnamon goes well with many dishes, herbal teas, liqueurs and centrifuges.

Widely used to make cookies and cakes tastier (apple pie in primis), but also strudel and chocolate. Also appreciated in savory recipes, it has the added value of making dishes more digestible and to give more easily a sense of satiety.

Excellent in herbal teas, you can indulge in savoring its characteristic flavor combined with other spices, such as ginger and star anise.

In the kitchen, we recommend you try the recipe for orange and cinnamon cookies. These are crumbly and fragrant cookies that, thanks also to the presence of honey among the ingredients, are perfect for breakfast during the holidays: try dunking them in milk or tea, you will see what a delicacy.

These cookies are also recommended as gift ideas or used as "sweet" placeholders to personalize the holiday table


How to store Cinnamon powder and sticks

Whether in powder or sticks, Cinnamon has a very long shelf life. The only care is to store it in sealed glass jars, possibly airtight, away from moisture and sources of light and heat.

Nutrition Facts

247 kcal
1.24 g
10 mg
431 mg
80.59 g
3.99 g
Vitamin A
295 iU
Vitamin C
3.8 mg
1002 mg
8.32 mg
Vitamin B6
0.158 mg
60 mg

WARNINGS: The advice dispensed is in no way to be considered of medical / prescriptive value . The information provided is for purely informative and informative purposes, therefore it is not intended in any way to replace medical advice. In the presence of pathologies it is always necessary to consult your doctor.

The images are inserted for illustrative purposes, the product may undergo changes based on stock availability and the selected weight.


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Cylon cinnamon

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The quality of the cinnamon is so excellent the package. The company performed the supply timely. \ R \ n

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Embellishing perfume, very good

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Quality product

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Ceylon's cinnamon differs from the others, of clearly higher quality.

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Very good

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The cinnamon, a spice that I recently introduced in my diet ... I had known some time before its multiple therapeutic quality ... I have been using it daily for a few months for its antibacterial contribution to the urinary infections that me They often hailed with recurrence..bec since I use it, a teaspoon from coffee a day, I noticed that the problems no longer presented themselves ... then the cinnamon of Italy spices has a very particular perfume and flavor, To say the least velvety, pleasant also to smell it often because it has always been a beautiful mental charge ..... however I highly recommend it to all those who appreciate this spice and who also want to take advantage of its therapeutic quality, not least The function of adjusting the level of glucose into the blood ....

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